What can be said about the Mohawk Valley of Upstate New York that would paint a picture for you, if you are not from that area?

I spent the first 22 years of my life there before leaving for the bright lights of Los Angeles, with the goal of being a comedian on my brain. Well, when that idea crashed into the mountain and blew up, I decided to get into a much more profitable racket, audio engineering and installation. This career move has allowed me the financial stability and perfect work life balance I need to do what I’ve set out to do–investigate the strange happenings of the Mohawk Valley.

I graduated from a tiny, tiny school in NY and grew up in a hamlet called Van Hornsville. Growing up in this old, farming centered part of NY, I spent a lot of time in the summer exploring abandoned houses, old caves, walking in the woods and doing other things that kids who live in the country do—like shooting guns, tipping cows and fishing. The winters were a different story filled with cold, isolated droughts of communication with the outside world that made the theory of “cabin fever” very understandable to me. It was a pretty boring existence but one night, back in 1979, at the age of sixteen, my life changed forever. One winter night it was snowing like crazy. By 9pm it was obvious we were going to have a snow day as it was just dumping on us. So knowing school would be closed, I decided to put on my snow shoes and go for a walk with the dogs. Since the moon was so bright, I needed no lights as I walked in the woods behind our house.

As I walked with the dogs, over top of me, this gigantic orange light buzzed across the sky. I would estimate this light to be about the size of a football field give or take a few. The only way to explain it is it looked like lava. When it flashed by the heavy downpour of snow stopped momentarily and rained. The dogs went crazy as the unnatural occurrence disrupted our quiet serene walk. When I went back in the house, I told my mother. She had no desire to listen to me.  So I locked this event up inside my brain, threw away the key and almost as a defense mechanism, forgot about it in my subconscious.

I forgot about it until the early 90’s when people like John Mack, Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Daniken started to get the word out about their research. After I left the Mohawk Valley in the late I was a bit traumatized by the town  the people and the way I was treated by the radio station I worked for. After becoming obsessed with the fantastic stories of UFOs, abductions and the paranormal, I began to realize it was everywhere around us—ESPECIALLY in the Mohawk Valley.

So I started gathering info, started collecting documents, artifacts and data. Through my  research, which spans almost 30 years I have discovered stories and evidence of many types of unknown phenomenon including: ancient alien artifacts, UFO’s, government conspiracies, cannibalism, experimental aircraft, chemtrails, the occult,  crop circles, inter dimensional beings, cults, macabre murders, human sacrifice, animal sacrifice/mutilations, trolls, flying orbs, psychosis, mutant people, out of body experiences, changelings, river monsters, strange creatures, angels, demons, witches, curses, voodoo, horrific scientific experiments, black eyed kids, Indigo children, ghosts, goblins, Satan & demon worship and so much more.

This is my collection. It is a constantly growing encyclopedia of weirdness collecting the history, mythology and facts about the things that typical townsfolk don’t speak about at the dinner table.



Why did I call this website, I NEVER SAUSAGE A PLACE?
Well that’s a pretty funny story. Since we lived in a Hamlet, there really wasn’t a grocery store within miles of us–except the Mohawk Village Market.  This market boasted a ridiculous sign on the outside using a corny pun on the word Sausage, reflecting the meat inside that it sold. However, looking back on the sign is very ironic because in all honesty, I have never seen or lived in a place that had such strange energy and was filled with bizarre occurrences  It’s a fitting sign for the town of Mohawk, and the entire Mohawk Valley. So it has become my war cry as I collect these stories of the macabre.


My Disclaimer:
I am collecting stories to form a digital encyclopedia, to help folks who still live there, or who have left, gain some clarity. The most difficult thing when you experience something as bizarre as seeing a UFO is the feeling of alienation. I’m here to help others who may have felt my pain. I am here to help people and collect data. Some of the stories collected here may be controversial  may shed a poor light on a place, town or person.

I am not here to condemn anyone, just collect data.

When people submit their stories, I am not here to form opinions or decide if something is true or false, wrong or right, good or evil.

I am just here to document. It’s validity is up to you to decide if you believe it, or not.




Submitted by: Barlowe

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5 responses to “I NEVER SAUSAGE A PLACE”

  1. J Riesel says:

    I have lived her for over 40 years now this is a great site. Thanks for the work I will be sharing with many.

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    WOW. What an interesting idea. I have definitely seen these markings when I visited my mom in the summer of 2012. That place is cursed.

  3. Jeff Smith says:

    Jimmy Riesel? Is that you? I haven’t heard your voice in a long, long time…

  4. Erin Cross says:

    Holy cow I know that sign well. Used to buy our meat there! That place is cursed. The valley has a dark cloud hanging over its head.

  5. Erin Cross says:

    Why does the statue look like Roddy McDowell who played Cornelius in Planet of the Apes?

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