The Brotherhood of the Snake is an ancient cult that has infiltrated the core of human society.

They have slithered their way into every facet of our industries, financial institutions, every level of our government and most importantly…our souls.

They are here. They have always been here

Some ancient alien theorists, me included, trace the Brotherhood of the Snake back to the very beginning of humankind, as the direct descendants of our supposed reptilian alien overlords–or what some believe to be, our creators. The archetype of the reptilians have been present in religion and mythology since the dawn of man’s ability to write, talk, create and tell stories. These same reptilian figures that appear in all ancient cultures from the Native Americans of the East Coast (the Iroquois) to Ancient Sumeria, where they were called the Anunnaki.

I have collected some evidence that challenges the foundation of our existence.

I have found over the internet (some images have been sent to me too) the logo of the Brotherhood of the Snake. There is a website right now calling itself the Brotherhood of the Snake.  Could this be them? Would they be that arrogant to hide in plain sight? Will they attack us in the YEAR OF THE SNAKE?


This video is to educate the world about the reptilian alien overlords who are here to destroy us, enslave and mine our world for quartz and gold. I am in the process of collecting evidence about the Brotherhood of the Snake, and their prescience in the Mohawk Valley of New York State.

Submitted by: Barlowe

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  1. Jeff Smith says:

    This website is crazy. You don’t know if it’s them or not. There are TONS Of crazy people on there fighting with each other, loving god, satan and the serpent as well as aliens and other crazy crap.

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    I mean the brotherhood website.

  3. MarkJohnson says:

    This is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. The Brotherhood of the Snake seems totally logical. Are they truly tied to the reptilians though?

  4. […] BUT the craziest one I have heard is from one of his neighbors, in confidence to my friend.  Some believe that Meyers was into witchcraft or some sort of dark worship. Could it be that Meyers had a penchant for satanic rituals or belonging to a cult, such as the Brotherhood of the Snake? […]

  5. James Jones says:

    Satan is the true lord of the Brotherhood of the Snake. I have to check this website out Jeff.

  6. Suehell says:

    Is this real or just a game?

  7. Cuse says:

    Endgame is real

  8. jfinch says:

    thats one of the sites in James Frey’s endgame. It’s a puzzle. I have no idea whether the site itself is real, but for now it serves as a clue or something.

  9. Player One says:


  10. Jacekwn says:

    someone, know what’s next?

  11. Mila says:

    Endgame is real.

  12. Anonymous says:


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