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When I was a boy, my grandfather and I would sit out in the backyard, looking up at the stars talking about everything. Occasionally, he would tell me the story about the Ya-O-Gah people, a tribe that predated the Mohawks and all the Iroquois that once ruled the Mohawk Valley

He said that they were called the Ya-o-gah people, named after their God, a powerful Bear. The Ya-o-gah people, believed that Ya-o-gah’s  spirit could be channelled through the quartz crystals (Herkimer Diamonds), native to the Herkimer area.  They worshipped and believed that the quartz crystals kept away the evil spirits of the Snake Gods, who were Ya-o-gah’s  enemy. My Grandfather likened Ya-o-gah to Jesus or God and the Snake Gods to Satan.

He said that David Bowman, a guy he used to work with at Remington Arms, was a Ya-o-gah and his family believes that they are the descendants of the Adena People, who are well known for building the Serpent Mound in Ohio. He said David showed him a painting of one of their myths and it gave him the chills. Something about it was unsettling in the symbols and the way the human figure was drawn.

I was in the art gallery today in Utica New York, at Munson Williams. I think I saw that painting. I am positive it was the same painting my grandfather spoke of by the way it made me feel so queasy, uneven and repulsed.

I wish my grandfather was still alive so we could talk about it.

(This was sent to me via email on May 28, 2012)

Submitted by: Derek Small

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3 responses to “THE YA-O-GAH PEOPLE”

  1. Jake Tabor says:

    You gotta be shittin’ me? I heard of the Ya O Gah people? When I was a kid back in the 50’s. My brother knew a kid who was part of their tribe still left. It’s pretty crazy that these people could go so undedected in the world.

  2. Dorian says:

    This is perhaps a misunderstanding of the Iriqouis myth:

    The North Wind is personified by a bear spirit named Ya-o-gah. He lived in a cave and was controlled by Gah-oh. Ya-o-gah could destroy the world with his fiercely cold breath, but is kept in check by Gah-oh

  3. Barlowe Cross says:

    No, man. There actually is a tribe called the Ya-o-gah. When I received this submission, the first thing I did was look up the Ya-O-Gah people and I grilled this guy but he claims that the Iroquois, took the name from them. According to my source, they predated the Iroquois. He claims that Ya-O-Gah, the bearlike wind spirit named after his tribe.

    I could find no evidence on this tribe online but my source led to interviewing three people back in 2012, who were of the last living members of this tribe.

    I am obviously not at liberty to share names, but I am currently doing extensive research on this subject and what I’m finding is pretty amazing. I am trying to gather as much evidence as I can because I believe there is an amazing find here. There could be a link between the Adena people of Ohio and these people. It’s hard to gather solid evidence though because of obvious reasons. Could there really be a native american culture that originated in the Mohawk Valley, worshipped Quartz crystals and provided the Iroquois with their god? I believe, yes.

    There is not one scientist, anthropologist, archeologist or Iroquois alive who could prove that they know exactly where and who their gods came from.

    I find it fascinating!

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