The Green Lights

July 23rd, 2012. Mohawk, NY

CASEY ROAD = A local gathering place for teens and adults looking to party away the blues and joys of being alive. Just outside of the populated areas of the town, Casey Road has been the hub of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll for generations. It is a recreational fixture in the town of Mohawk and the surrounding valley.

On the night of July 23rd at approximately 1:33AM, a few friends gathered here to let loose. They did so with a camera on-hand, operated by photographer Sean Berrie.

In the sky, and around the fire, there appears to be a green light, watching everyone. In the following pictures you can see the progression of the creepy glowing light as it peers over the unsuspecting partiers.

Local lore in the Mohawk Valley for the last twenty years has often reported green orbs or orb like UFO’s seen in the starry night sky. Perhaps this is what people have described seeing. Perhaps not. These photos have not been edited in any way, so please make up your own mind on what you see.


green light3.jpg

orb on casey0.jpg

green light4.jpg

green light1.jpg

green light2.jpg


(This was sent to me via email on August 01, 2012)


Submitted by: Sean Berrie

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