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(This was sent to me via email on December 23, 2012)

amish crossing sign ghost story

It has been said that taking photographs of the Amish is against their religion.

It has been said that the Amish believe that  if you take a picture of them, you are stealing their soul.

This is a myth. It is NOT AGAINST an Amish person’s religion to be photographed.  The Amish religion does, however, prohibit POSING for photographs.

So if you ask an Amish person, be it man or woman, for permission to take their picture, they will politely decline as this is concluded as a willingness to “pose.”

Most of the Amish people I knew that lived just outside of Middleville, NY say that they could care less if people take their picture, if  the photographers are respectful.

I once had an old Amish man tell me that a group of tourists in town for the Baseball Hall of Fame, drove up their driveway once in the late 1960’s and boldly walked onto their front lawn to take a photograph.

One woman who was selling bread at P&C in Herkimer, one afternoon in the late 1980’s told me that a male tourist stopped her buggy and held the reigns of the horse until his wife could get a photo of them. The flash startled the horse and it began to kick. The horse kicked the man in the face, fatally crushing his skull. The Amish community was traumatized by the incident and it is said that the ghost of the rude photographer haunts the backroads of Middleville near the Amish crossing sign, just before the great waterfall.  Many Amish and local whitefolk, report a ghostly figure appearing frequently, flashing the haunting lights of his camera, as he aimlessly wanders through the woods searching for an Amish victim to photograph.

From the Book , Folklore of the Mohawk Valley by J.T.Talbot

Submitted by:  J.T. Talbot

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