HOLLOWHEAD-hal hefner


Hollowhead wanders in search of prey
His eyes watch you
At night he appears, he hides by day
His eyes watch you

He smells your blood
He smells your fear
You’ll pray for death
when he is near

So stay away from Hollowhead
Lest you’re bored with living
He’ll swallow your soul and eat your head
He’s cold and unrelenting

Run from him and you’re done
But in some ghastly fashion
Human flesh, he lusts for fun
He thirsts for it with passion

Hollowhead wanders in search of prey
His eyes watch you
At night he appears, he hides by day
His eyes watch you

His eyes watch YOU

Hallowhead was a scary story/poem we all told around the campfire at Camp Russell, the local Boy Scout camp of the Mohawk Valley when I was growing up.  This story used to scare little kids into going to bed as much and keep others awake at night as they tried, while even acting as a subconscious goblin causing insomnia for many adults. Numbers of people went to bed in fear of the creature that wanted to swallow your soul and eat your head. Nobody really knows how long this poem has been around but my grandmother who grew up in the area, suspected it was before her time, when her family arrived in the Valley in the early 1900s.  She said she knew kids that had claimed to have actually seen Hollowhead but that she didn’t believe in it because she had faith in God and Lord Jesus Christ.

No pictures have ever been taken of the creature but accounts of Hollowhead have been around since the earliest American settlers moved into the valley, and settled the Town of German Flatts. Hollowhead has been identified with German and possibly Dutch folklore mostly, but over time has become a resident parasite of the nightmares of everyone in the Mohawk Valley.

Somewhere in between a demon, a monster and a tentacled God from another dimension, Hallohead is said to possess the face of a porcelain mask that it uses to lure you into the energy of multiple entrancing eyes. Once subdued, it reveals its true self to you and tears you to shreds and steels your skull which it digests then fuses to its own body.

Could Hallowhead be rooted in truth? Did some extraterrestrial being or inter dimensional God ever appear in the Mohawk Valley bringing terror of HP Lovecraftian proportions along with it?

Time will only tell if there will ever be an answer.

Submitted by: Barlowe

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art and poem by Hal Hefner

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  1. Jared says:

    Oh yeah I remember hearing this at Boy Scout camp at Camp Russell in the mid 70’s. Sacred the shit out of me!

  2. Steven Jones says:

    Jesus I forgot about this one. AHHHH!!!!! Don’t remind me!!

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