June 21 1983 – A View Into Another Dimension


(This was sent to me via email on October 28, 2012)

In 1983, I was eleven. We lived in the town of Mohawk in a small farmhouse on Upper Deck road. That year, my dad died on March 20th, two days after my birthday. When he passed, we couldn’t afford to live anymore as our main source of income was dairy farming. Even before he died we could barely keep up with the corporate dairy farms that were squeezing the lives out of the independent farms.  We tried to keep it going, but mom couldn’t do it alone. We sold off all of the cattle and the horses and mom tried to get a job at Remington Arms but she couldn’t. The winter was a brutal one and by spring we were dirt poor with barely enough money to eat or put gas in the truck.

On the morning of June, 21st 1983, we walked away from the house forever. We moved to Binghamton, NY and that is where I lived until I left to join the Marines. All of us hated the house for various reasons and without our dad, the house became an increasingly heavy burden that seemed to take on a life of its own.  To my sister, mother and I, this house was a symbol of pain and it taunted us with misery. We hated that house and it hated us too, so we left it.

We finally sold the house to another family. Strangely enough, they left the house abandoned sometime the late eighties. I suspect that they hated the house too.

It has slowly deteriorated over the years in its own hatred.

In July of 2012, I went back to the town of Mohawk, to vist my family after my Aunt Agnes passed away. One afternoon, my cousin and I decided to go see the old house on Upper Deck road. The state that I found it in is indescribable. It was a run down mess that was accessible  So we went inside through the cellar. It was like peering into another dimension where time stood still. All the hatred that I had felt for the house was gone. Now I felt sad for it, because it was a decrepit shell of what it once was.

I took a couple of hundred pictures while I was there to capture the natural and unnatural interactions with nature that the house had undergone through almost thirty years of neglected winters.

I returned home to South Carolina where I reside today, and shared these images with a friend who is an extremely talented ambient musician. He created this video for me so that I could attempt to share my experience with you.

Submitted by: Mark Emrich

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Song composed by Kevin Bryce, Video by Kevin Bryce, Photography by Mark Emrich

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    This music is incredible. Who is it?

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