The Markings of The Brotherhood of the Snake

(These photos were sent to me via dropbox on August 28, 2012)

graffiti brotherhood of the snake

The markings of the Brotherhood of the Snake.

This is a rock formation on Moss Island in Little Falls, NY, that wears the logo of the Brotherhood was taken in July of 2012 by Sean Berrie.  Some ancient alien theorists and archeologists believe that the Brotherhood of the Snake is an underground cult that controls the world and has a presence in every facet of the leadership of the human race. Many UFOlogists, Ancient Alien theorists and Researchers believe that Brotherhood of the Snake come from the direct bloodline of reptilian Gods, that were responsible for creating the human race.

Since recorded history, the Brotherhood of the Snake has had an influential presence in the Mohawk Valley but only to those who have noticed over the years, while the snakes slithered around, hidden in plain sight.

snake grafitti





Submitted by: Barlowe Photos By Sean Berrie

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9 responses to “The Markings of The Brotherhood of the Snake”

  1. Jared says:

    There’s nothing like seeing your name, tagged with an occult symbol.

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    I have seen these markings

  3. MarkJohnson says:

    WOW. I need to see Moss Island.

  4. jimbob says:

    I can confirm that those are very recent. I know exactly where both of those spots are and those spray paintings weren’t there a year ago.

  5. jimbob says:

    Either that or they were washed away before I could see them.

  6. chris says:

    I have seen those markings to.End game is here.

  7. mali158498 says:

    I have seen those markings to.End game is here

  8. Bea Kay says:

    do tell how did you get to this ?

  9. Zack says:


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