THE MAROON KNIGHTS and other Tales of Strangeness

satanic cult brotherhood of the snake


NAME: Robert V.



Frankfort Mascot:
Ive heard lots of tales of strangeness about our towns and the surrounding areas. One of the weirdest ones I ever heard was when I was a teenager. Back in the early 70’s, when I lived in Frankfort, there was a rumor that the Maroon Knights mascot from the school was based on a secret Italian cult. This cult was said to be linked to the beginnings of the town and apparently held positions of power within every facet of the town. The rumor was that they would have ceremonies and sacrifice animals, drink blood and would partake in witchcraft, curses etc. I do recall them also having the emblem of a snake too, which might tie into this Brotherhood of the Snake thing that Barlowe has uncovered here. Not sure if there a bit of truth to it but ya never know.

Ilion Gorge:
In the early 80’s I know several people who spotted mountain lions in the Ilion gorge. BIG ONES! Not the typical wildcat.

Iroquois Cannibals:
When  I worked at the Union Fork and Hoe in the mid 80’s there was a guy there who claimed that he knew some Iroquois, Mohawks still living in the area that were cannibals and would eat babies mostly. If a baby came out sick or weak they were eaten he’d say. This guy was kind of a loose cannon so I’m not sure I’d trust his word–but it was very creepy.

Time Traveler Arrested in Ilion in the 80’s:
In the late 80’s my buddy worked for the Frankfort police. He claimed that one night in the summer that the Ilion Police, called them in for backup because they had this crazy guy who claimed he was a time traveler.  Apparently he was harrasing people out in front of Fays and was trying to get free hot dogs from Norm’s hot dog stand. They arrested him but I never heard what happened after that.

Big Pine Restaurant Haunted:The Big Pine restaurant was said to be haunted as well. I remember those stories growing up as a kid. It was supposedly haunted by a young girl who many claim is buried in the woods behind the Big Pine

That’s all I got, thanks for this website Barlowe!

Bob V.


Frankfort Schuyler Maroon Knights

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Very interesting snippets of info here, as Bob suggested, none of these can be verified but this website is about exploring the myths, legends and so called reality of the Mohawk Valley.

DISCLAIMER: No disrespect meant to the town of Frankfort or its mascot. This is clearly just a strange story that is being logged into this website, which is an online encyclopedia of strangeness of the Mohawk Valley. It can neither be verified nor denied nor judged.



2 responses to “THE MAROON KNIGHTS and other Tales of Strangeness”

  1. Jake Tabor says:

    I grew up near a haunted bridge in Speculator, NY. One time I saw a woman jump off when I was a kid. I think it was a ghost.

  2. Steven Jones says:

    I worked at Frankfort school. Lots of corruption, lots of small town politics. The italians hate everyone that aren’t italian.

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