The Newport Notes

(This was sent to me via email on November 18, 2012)

To the man known as Barlowe:

In this box you will find letters. It would be better to describe them as photocopies of letters. I have and will be keeping the originals as the only legacy to a loved one no longer with us. I can not be more specific as to who he was to me. I feel that recent information I have uncovered may mean he was murdered. This is something I hope to soon prove, but I can not presently.

Years ago I found these flyers at a punk show the next town over. They were taped one over the other. I didn’t know why at the time but I had to take them. I remember other copies at other shows and I left those because I had mine. They intrigued me. In time I dismissed them as someone’s mad ravings and had all but forgotten them until the author’s death.

Years ago he had given me a key, saying I would know when to use it. I tried to pry, but that’s all he would say. Recently I found an old trunk, going through his things. It was locked and something in my head clicked! He had given me the key. Inside were the original color magazine cutout letters he used to xerox the others. There were also photographs, notes and a journal. It was the journal that sent ice through my spine and gave credence in my mind to the letters. They were not the ravings of a madman but instead they were one person’s attempt to call action against all the wrong he witnessed in the town in which he lived. I trust you Barlowe. One day I will trust you with everything but for now I convey these letters to you. Get the word out. Its all he would have wanted.

Anarchy in the valley, as he used to say

He would call himself Ghost.

Call me Spectre.

the newport notes 1986



Letter 2



Letter 3



Submitted by: Spectre

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3 responses to “The Newport Notes”

  1. Dorian says:

    Very interested in these. Possibly more information?

  2. Dorian says:

    Barlow, is there an email I can reach you at in regards to this?

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