Jim Morrison versus the Snake God

the lizard king vs the snake god


NAME: Andy Cook

WHAT TOWN IN THE MOHAWK VALLEY ARE YOU FROM:  I’m not from the Mohawk Valley, I am from Rochester, NY, but this took place in Utica and I think Schuyler


In 1968 I had one hell of an experience in the Mohawk Valley, actually in Utica. I will never forget it as long as I live because it involved a famous rock star of the time.

I know the date, because I still have the ticket. It was Saturday March 16th, 1968. I was eighteen at the time and in my first year of college at the University fo Rochester. That Saturday night, a bunch of friends and I went and saw the Doors play at the Eastman Theater in Rochester. The show was utterly brilliant and Morrison was at his best. Also playing that night was Linda Rondstadt and band called the The Stone Poneys (which I thought were awful).

One if the girls we were with was in love with Morrison (as were many girls at that time) and she somehow found a way to get us backstage, through this crazy dude who sold dope and mushrooms.  So we get backstage and there are the Doors. It was amazing. I’m talking to Ray Manzarek, who died just a few days ago and Robbie and John a little too. Jim was surrounded by a pack of girls including my friends. As we smoked weed and drank, the band dissipated and most everyone but a small group of us and Morrison remained. Somehow the topic of taking psychedelic mushrooms arose and Morrison was excited about it. So the guy who was basically the pusher suggested we all hop in his Buick Skylark Wagon and take a road trip to Utica, NY so he could hook up with his mushroom connection from a local Indian reservation. This was like 11:30 or so at the time and Utica was a good two hours away, so we stopped and grabbed some Genny beers and hopped in the car and took a road trip. Seven of us crammed in the car and Morrison and my female friend jumped in the way back and had some fun.

Morrison was hilarious too. He kept making jokes about hillbillies and the size of my friends’s nipples. It was a helluva ride to Utica. When we finally get there, we end up going to meet this guy at a gas station in Utica and then he jumps in the backseat and we end up driving to this place just outside of Utica that was farmland and some old factories. So we end up going inside this old farm house in what I think was Schuyler NY but I honestly am not sure.  Anyway, we go inside this house where a few more people are, and they were all Indians. Mohawks I think. We’re all shivering so they start us a fire because it’s freezing cold–in the middle of winter.

We all eat the mushrooms and the fun starts to happen. Of course Morrison eats three times as many as any of us and things started to get crazy. He starts telling us the story about the Indian on the road which is the famous Morrison mythology. Then as we sat around the fireplace, the Indians and Morrison really bonded. They made this tea for us all out of mushrooms and some other stuff that I have no clue what it was. I actually didn’t take that much mushrooms myself so I was more an observer than anything.  As time goes on we were all zoning out and Morrison starts to go into this weird catatonic state and starts having seizures. He throws up all over himself and another girl, then rips off his shirt and grabs a pen and starts drawing on the wall of this place. The owner of the house was cool with it too. Jim Morrison was drawing all of these crazy symbol like things on the wall, mostly snakes. They looked kind of Egyptian to me but I know for sure he drew this snake with two heads, one at each end. He was calling this the Snake God. He was telling us the Snake God wanted to rape us and eat us.

He kept saying that this area was the belly of the snake and that great evil was here, but we were safe because we were aware of the evil. It started to scare the hell out of everyone and after a while we felt like our only safe haven was the house. We kept hearing things and tweaking out every time something outside moved or we heard something. Morrison then ripped off all of his cloths and ran out into the snow challenging the Snake God to fight him. He was rolling around in the snow wrestling with some imaginary Snake God and he eventually stopped and started to cry. At that point, me and some of the others grabbed him and brought him inside to warm up.  I gave him my coat as we watched the sun come up and everyone felt relieved that Jim defeated the Snake God, the sun was here and we were all safe. It was the craziest thing and it really felt like there were some demons out there that were after us.

We finally ended up falling asleep for a few hours but we had to get Jim back to Rochester because the Doors were heading onto another gig in Massachusetts, that Sunday. The ride home was pretty strange too as Jim kept talking about the Lizard King and the Snake Gods and all sorts of bizarre stuff. He was still tripping I think. We stopped to get some coffee near my house, in Rochester and I said my goodbyes to Jim and the gang and I walked home. When I went home and tried to write everything down so I wouldn’t forget what happened. It was just amazing, scary, trippy and awesome all rolled into one.

What a hell of a trip that was. RIP Jim Morrison! Thanks for the memories!


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Perhaps Morrison was drawing the symbol of the Brotherhood of the Snake?

Perhaps Morrison was actually right when he sensed the presence of the Brotherhood of the Snake? The Snake Gods. The Anunnaki.

Did he become the Lizard King that night by defeating or succumbing to the Snake God?

Perhaps Morrison was just whacked out on drugs?

All in all…It’s a very strange coincidence at the very least. The world will never know.

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  1. Justin Davidson says:

    This is crazy. I just found this crazy article about Morrison and other members of the Laurel Canyon, CA crew. It’s creepy how the military and strange phenomenon ties are here. http://www.mygen.com/Laurel_Canyon-David_McGowan_report.htm

  2. Justin Davidson says:

    Here is more and they ask a question. Why did Jim Morrison never denounce, or even mention, his father’s key role in escalating one of America’s bloodiest illegal wars?


  3. Justin Davidson says:

    Here’s another great website about Jim Morison being tied to the illuminati: http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/Doors2.shtml His obsession with the Lizard, calling himself the Lizard king. The Doors also had a song called the Celebration of the Lizard. This website quotes this: “Perhaps Morrison (More Sun) a.k.a. The Lizard King, was revealing his own identity as a shape-shifting or Crawling King Snake when he sang, “I’m a Changeling. See me change. I’m a Changelin’. See me change… You gotta see me change. See me change. Yeah, I’m leavin’ town on a midnight train. Gotta see me change.”

  4. Justin Davidson says:

    Some suspect he was KILLED by the Illuminati too: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/mind_control_art.htm

    Here’s a quote form this website: I once read a biography on Jimi Hendrix, where it said that he didn’t want to take the drugs, but was forced to do so by his manager(!). He soon became addicted. Drugs are heavily used in mind control. Seems like a common denominator that the artists are controlled and maybe programmed by their managers to create a certain effect upon the society. When Hendrix and Joplin were dead, Jim Morrison’s manager told him that he, Jim, probably was the next in line …

    Then Jim Morrison left the Doors and moved to France – maybe trying to escape from the insanity around him. But most likely, the Illuminati followed him and eliminated him.

  5. Justin Davidson says:

    Here’s a great source article on Morrison & the Occult. Links to cool stuff. This is fascinating!!! http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/jim_morrison_index.htm

  6. Jake Tabor says:

    Crazy story man. I wonder if the people are still alive? I’d love to see video of the telling the story.

  7. Wacko says:

    Ther’es a killer on the road, his brain is squirmin like a toad!

  8. Jeff Smith says:

    take a long holiday, let your children play.

  9. David Brown says:

    Yes! This sounds believably awsome. The lizard king!!! He could do anything!!!!

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