John Peters or John Titor?

John Titor Patch, Equipment and Blueprints

John Titor’s Alleged Mission Patch, Equipment and Blueprints


NAME: Male, did not want identity revealed


A few years ago, in the late 90’s/early two thousands, a friend of mine, had told me one strange story. My friend worked at the Ilion, Great American store, for a couple of years. One time, after work, he stopped over at the Ilion Police Department, to drop off some cold cuts that his uncle, a Police deputy, asked him to pick up for him.

When he got to the Police station, it was in chaos because they had picked up a guy, out in front of the store Fays, who was claiming he was from the future. My buddy got to watch and listen to the whole thing unfold.

This guy was a normal looking guy, but he claimed to be from our future, a future that was filled with Civil War and human stupidity–and a bleak future that he claimed he might be able to help. He said he was here to get a part from an old MDS piece of technology. He said he had made a mistake and had come back twenty years later than he needed to because now MDS was out of business.  However he claimed to have another fix on the MDS technology part and was communicating with operatives from the future, through the internet.

Now the internet was still new at the time, especially in the Mohawk Valley, so it was kind of hard story to follow for the Police and my buddy even.  As it turned out, they really had nothing to hold him on and rather than do all the paperwork, they decided to let him go. Apparently the guy also had some weird insignia on his jacket as well as some strange medals and coins.  The Police were intrigued and some even believed him by the end of the night. The guy said all he wanted to do was get a some food, a hot dog from the guy in front of Fays and he was on his way.
So the Police let him go and that was it. Nobody ever heard or saw him again.  My buddy said the guy’s name was John Peters.

Obviously, it’s very hard to prove the existence of a time traveler or not and because there are a lot of nut jobs on welfare around here, so at first I thought this story was just crap. However, over the years I couldn’t forget this bizarre tale.  Years later, I visited the valley, as I hadn’t been there in about 5 years, after I had moved to Binghamton. I saw my buddy and we laughed about the story. When I returned home to Binghamton, the story was fresh in my head still, so for the hell of it, I decided to just check on the internet to see if there was anything about a time traveler named John Peters. What I found was odd to say the least.

Now if I’m not mistaken, what appears to be slightly after or right around the same time that this “time traveler” was in Ilion, something odd was appearing on the internet. There was a person jumping on various chat boards who was also in contact with Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM Radio, claiming to be a time traveler here in the past to pick up a piece of technology. That man’s name was supposedly JOHN TITOR. This name is very close to John Peters.

John Titor was an internet sensation and still to this day is a lightening rod for controversy as a lot of the things he said, predicted and discussed is coming to fruition. However many of his predictions have not come true—though he cautioned that he might not be from the EXACT timeline we were from. John Titor still captures the eyes and ears of many on the internet, who desperately want him to be true it seems.

I’ve never been one to believe silly things like this but the thought of a time traveler existing in our world is pretty exciting. As much as I WANT this to be true I have a feeling that John Peters and John Titor are just coincidence…but maybe not. You never know in this crazy world.

Either way, good luck on your mission John Peters…I mean John Titor.


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11 responses to “John Peters or John Titor?”

  1. Lee Sandifer says:

    I had been following the John Titor story since hearing about it on C2C with Art Bell years ago. Found it really interesting hearing about this connection to Ilion (where I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s with Univac and MDS.)

  2. Jack C. says:

    Isn’t there a CERN facility located in the Mohawk Valley too? Titor was always linked to CERN and the CERN technology. Hey Lee, have you ever heard of Ong’s Hat? Another bizarre time travel John Titor like thing from ten or more years ago.

  3. Jack C. says:

    Cern and Miniature black holes is what Titor discussed.

  4. lee sandifer says:

    to jack c: CERN as in the super collider? Have not heard of a connection or of Ong’s Hat. Will have to investigate.

  5. Jake Tabor says:

    This is one of the best internet legends. I have trouble believing it’s real but you never know.

  6. Jeff Smith says:

    I love the story of John Titor. So fascinating. I hope he really did visit us.

  7. MarkJohnson says:

    Yes, Jeff, Titor is awesome. I know of a guy who claims he actually met Titor as well.

  8. James Jones says:

    John Titor does not exist

  9. Joseph Matheny says:

    Yes he does

  10. Kyle Martin says:

    Holy crap! I remember this on Art bell and coast to coast AM! Wow. He came to Ilion? Wow this website is insane.

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