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NAME: Robert K. Strong



When I was young, I spent a lot of time on my grandfather’s farm on Ward road in Mohawk. Next door to him, lived a retired science teacher from Utica, named Dick Manion. Dick was an older man and he lived alone because his kids were gone and his wife was dead. I used to ride my bike through the fields that connected his house and my grandfather’s farm. He spent a lot of time in his garden during the day and at night he was always glued to his telescope on his back deck. My grandfather and I used to go over to his house after the sun set and he would let me look through the telescope and show me constellations and talk with me about the universe.  Dick always loved to show me Jupiter and its moon Europa specifically, that he could pick up with his powerful telescope. This was pretty consistently done when I was a kid and Dick died when I was about thirteen, in the late nineties. When I was twelve though, Grandpa and I went over there and Dick was telling us about a UFO that he had seen in the early nineties. He then said that a day later, Crop Circles showed up on Vickerman Hill, just down the road about a couple of miles down. Dick was convinced they were related.

Dick and my Grandpa then started swapping UFO stories and even told me of a time they had seen one together in the late 70’s.  Then it got weird and Dick told my grandpa and me that he was convinced these were extraterrestrial beings. But where it got crazy was when Dick started telling my grandpa and I that he was actually taken (abducted) by human looking aliens that claimed they were from Jupiter’s moon Europa. Dick claimed that there was life on Europa and that these beings were here to investigate our similar world and its climate.  Whether it was a fever dream or not, Dick was convinced that there was life on Europa and that he was in direct contact with these beings, he called the Europians.  He said they were kind beings that were here to help us save our world from other beings, reptilian beings that wanted to enslave us and engulf our resources.

I cannot confirm nor deny this abduction incident but Dick, a former science teacher was convinced it happened and convinced that there was indeed, life on Europa.


Crop Circles in 1993 in Mohawk Valley, Vickerman Hill:

Life on Europa:

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  1. Jack Mehoff says:

    Alien abductions are real. Get over it!

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