Sasquatch on the side of the road in Schuyler NY 1978


NAME: William Pollack Jr.



I lived in Schuyler from 1975 – 1978 when I was a young teen. One night in May or so because it was right before school ended in June,  I was coming home from a bike ride I took to Nicastro’s store to get some milk and stuff for my mom. I got a pack of cigarettes and smoked them for a while by a spot down the road from my house where I used to hang out near a seasonal creek.  I had been there for a while and it started to get dark so I picked up my bike and started to peddle down the road. As I got within about a half mile or so from my house I thought I saw a man up ahead standing on the side of the road near a wooded area that the creek ran behind. When I got closer to him I saw that he was pretty tall. I said hello and waved but he didn’t answer or even move. As I turned the bend I could see his ugly face and that he looked like he was covered in hair. When I caught a glimpse of that face I peddled so hard and so fast I feel like I made it home in less than a minute. I dropped the milk and everything I was carrying and took off, never looking back for a second. I ran in the house and hid because my mom wasn’t home. I was petrified that it followed me home. I had seen something so crazy I didn’t know what to do. My mother thought I just saw a creepy man but I know what I saw. It had a a face like a man but with a big round head and a big jaw. It’s mouth made him look kind of retarded and monkey like with big ugly teeth and cold dark eyes that twinkled in the light of the moon in a terrifying way. I never rode my bike at night again because we moved shortly after, that summer of 1978, to Scotia, NY. I believe this was what the Mohawk, Indians and other Native Americans called Sasquatch.  It is the wild, beast man of the woods. Somewhere in between man and animal, possibly man and primate. But very big.



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2 responses to “Sasquatch on the side of the road in Schuyler NY 1978”

  1. Jake Tabor says:

    Hey have you seen this?

    Bigfoot DNA samples, hair, mucus and toenails. Then they show a sleeping one on video. The Squatch has been in our world for a long time and hopefully it will stay!

  2. Rick says:

    Actually, all of those findings of the hair and video of sleeping bigfoot and from a group ran by Melba Ketchum, who is a bigfooter who is notorious for faking evidence. They even released a later video of the sleeping bigfoot’s face. And it was soooo painfully obvious it was a straight up Chewbacca mask. Even people who aren’t into this stuff recognized it right away when I showed them. But there are several legit teams searching for sasquatch in NY

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