Thimble UFO of Frankfort NY in 1991



NAME: D.J. Gustafson



In the summer of 1991, me and my old lady at the time were driving to the mall to get clothes for school. It was about 11 am or so and we were driving to the Sangertown mall on 5S and I noticed this metal thing in the sky as we drove through the Ilion/Frankfort area. I made my girlfriend Becky Richards, who was driving pull over along the side of the road and we looked into the sky to see this thing that just sat there. It was pretty well sized, and it looked like it was in the shape of a thimble used for sewing. It just sat there, never moving. It looked gray and reflected some light but it was mostly a dull metallic color.  Other cars pulled along the side of the road and joined in with us to watch it. Some man suggested it was a satellite another said it might be experimental air crafts from Griffiss Air Force Base.  After a while we just left as it wasn’t going anywhere. I never heard anything more about this, have you?

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4 responses to “Thimble UFO of Frankfort NY in 1991”

  1. J.R. Silva says:

    Summer of 1991 sounds about right. I have never mentioned it to anyone but after watching a show about aliens recently I wondered if anyone saw what I had seen. I was running through the country side in Frankfort NY and I had just reached the top of a long hill when I noticed a dull charcoal grayish black object making no sound in the sky. It was and still is the largest thing I have ever seen in the sky. Many times larger than the Spruce Goose the largest plane ever built by man which I have seen outside of Portland Oregon. I just stared at it then it shot off and disappeared at a speed of a blink of an eye.

  2. JHA says:

    YES! YES! YES! I was playing soccer with my brothers at the Frankfort school and saw this! It definitely looked like a thimble. It just sat there. It did nothing. We all watched it for about 10 minutes. Then went back to playing soccer. Then when we looked again it was gone.

  3. Steven Jones says:

    I seen the same thing. I used to work at the Frankfort school as maintenance during that summer and I was mowing the lawn at the time. I stopped dead in my tracks turned off the mower and watched that thing for at least a 1/2 hour. Then I had to finish my work and started mowing again. When I looked up a few minutes later it was gone. It was like it was taunting me. Had to be around 2 o clock in the afternoon.

  4. Patricia Smith says:

    Geez, this is unnerving. I saw this too. I thought it was some Air Force thing form Griffiss.

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