Mohawk Valley Chemtrail Report October 8, 2013

New to I Never Sausage A Place is the RODENT REPORT.

The goal of the RODENT REPORT is to document the chemtrail activity in the Mohawk Valley.

I Never Sausage A Place has made an agreement with a researcher who goes by the codename “RODENT”, who will be documenting the activity, through images, videos and data. The identity of the “RODENT” is being hidden for obvious reasons due to small town mentality and the fear of persecution.


Have you ever noticed the sky filled with strange lines that were made by airplanes?

Have you ever wondered why these lines are much different than they were back in the 70’s and 80’s?

Is it new fuel in planes?

Is it new engines?

Many people just write these off as something called a “contrail”, or in simple terms, condensation produced from temperature and the burning of jet fuel.

While many people think this is the reason, others are not so sure.

All across the internet evidence has been mounting from videos and eye witness accounts that point to something possibly more sinister…the Chemtrail.

The term chemtrail is a fairly new one, consisting of the combination of the words “chemical” and “trail,” very much like the term contrail is a contraction of “condensation trail.”

The Chemtrail theory is becoming more widespread as people are noticing, often in more rural areas where agriculture and farming are still prominent. Speculation is that some trails left by aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public and directed by corporations such as Monsanto as well as various government officials and entities.

Some supporters of this conspiracy theory speculate that the purpose of the chemicals released in these chemtrails may be for solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, human population control or the most common ones, weather modification and or biological or chemical warfare.  Some believe hat these trails are causing everything from fatigue to respiratory illnesses and other health problems that are being documented now.

Whether it is just condensation, pollution or something more sinister, it is clear that more research needs to be done in terms of testing and documentation. Right now humans are nothing more than lab rats being tested on it appears. Hence the codename: RODENT


On Monday October 7th, Bill Keeler of WIBX, discussed Chemtrails for the first time on his show. This was a courageous move by the Radio Personality veteran who has made a living of bucking the system. On the WIBX website you can see an image that someone had sent him from Marcy, NY. Here’s a link to the WIBX website.


Below you will find a series of images taken in Mohawk and Ilion, New York in August of 2013. If you look closely at these trails they are in various shapes and sizes and some are spreading all over the sky. As they stay in the sky longer, they spread out, often creating a new “cloud” that will gray out the sun.


chemtrails June 2013 1August 2013, Mohawk, NY


chemtrails June 2013 2

August 2013, Ilion, NY

chemtrails June 2013 3

August 2013, Ilion, NY

chemtrails June 2013 4

August 2013, Ilion, NY



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9 responses to “Mohawk Valley Chemtrail Report October 8, 2013”

  1. Larry says:

    I see these all the time. They are definitely not ALL condensation. Some are most aren’t. I worked on planes all my life and I know this new stuff in the skies is not right. Something is going on!

  2. Bob b b says:

    My dad worked at Griffiss. He died in 2011. He believes he got cancer from some of the chemicals he used to work with that were mixed in with jet fuel. He swore on his life that chemtrails are real and that the reasons for them were unknown. Thank you for doing this I saw it on Facebook.

  3. Justin Davidson says:

    they are ALL over NY. I see them when I visit the valley. They end p graying out the sky A LOT. What in the hell are they?

  4. Redrum says:

    This is awesome. These chemtrails are always in our skies WTF are they? It doesn’t look very good!

  5. Redrum says:

    Btw is the Rodent Tucker?

  6. JHA says:

    I seen them today.

  7. JHA says:

    Bob B. what else did your dad see at Griffiss? I’ve seen a few weird things in the sky, like the thimble UFO on the other story. Did they test aircrafts up there too or are these UFOs?

  8. MarkJohnson says:

    They’re out again today!

  9. David Brown says:

    I’ll buy into a lot of things but these are bullshit. It’s just condensation and pollution. There’s no way commercial jets are dumping chemicals in their planes flying from NY to Chicago. It’s stupid. And the theories about Nibiru, are the dumbest I’ve ever heard.

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