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This past July (2013) if you live in the Frankfort area you may have noticed a large influx of military trucks. This was due to the removal of toxic waste on Mucky Run Rode and two other locations in the Frankfort Gorge. This waste was an herbicide generated for the Vietnam War by Monsanto and Dow Chemical.

In upstate NY, along with Okinawa Japan, most of the reserve barrels of Agent Orange from the Vietnam war have been buried since 1977 due to Operation Pacer HO (HO stands for Herbicide Orange).  They are finally being removed from several areas of farm land after the deterioration of the barrels. You can clearly see the Dow Chemical logo rusting away from the barrels. It was a mess because many of the barrels had been leaking for over thirty years. How do I know this? Because I  was a part of the military operation  brought in to remove it.

I have been loyal to my country and I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have seen some horrible things but I still love my country. However I saw something very out of place this summer. I saw decals on the barrels that had not been harmed by the environment at all. It looked like someone had put them on yesterday they were so pristine  and preserved that it was strangely out of place.  So after I returned home I did some research and followed the decal that was two joined snakes, and a triangle surrounded by circles. It was very creepy looking and did not belong on these barrels. in searching, it eventually led me to this website and all the others online that refer to the joined snake logo.

I am sure of it. It was a decal of the Brotherhood of the Snake.  Since I saw that logo I had been obsessed with it.  Now it makes perfect sense. What do the Brotherhood of the Snake have to do with Agent Orange is what I want to know?

If I were you, I would move from this area. NOW. Civilians are not safe. I have been in the Military for the last twenty nine years and this sickens me to see our people being poisoned by chemicals and not even know it.  I joined the Military to defend our country, not destroy it. Luckily I’ll be retiring shortly.

Look at the high cancer rates in the area and all the sick people. Look at all of the obese people, bloated with chemicals from the ground water.  That is all I can say without giving away my identity.

God Bless those who live there. God Bless you all.




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  1. travis rundle says:

    i would like join please respond,me and my frien

  2. cecilia says:

    Very high cancer rates in the Mohawk Valley. Probably due to the dumping by Remington Arms and companies like Monsanto.

  3. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    Cool story and all, but all the unused barrels were also ignited and sent into space, nice try though.

  4. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    I mean, the picture is just one of the barrels in a museum or something, you can see the little plaque next to it in the flashing image which says “Agent…”

    Just a picture of an old barrel that flashes over a picture of the road and the snake emblem

  5. Barlowe Cross says:

    Why yes Jimbob, you are right, that’s what it is. It’s called an animated GIF, pronounced JIF. It was made using three images that are created on layers in photoshop then looped as they are turned on and off. When you don’t have the photos of what you need you have to improvise. That is the truth you seek I suppose. What’s your story Jimbob? Why are you here? Who sent you? Was it the Brotherhood of the Snake? Or was it fear, hatred and insecurity?

  6. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    And another: (Note, this is the actual picture used in the flashing .gif)

  7. Barlowe Cross says:

    What’s your point?

    • Jimbob the truth seeker says:

      My point is that it’s just some elaborate story with random facts about agent oranged which is being used to try and punctuate it’s authenticity. Which it’s not authentic, just a story some guy wrote to try and get people going.

      Also, Barlowe, never use your real fucking name on the internet. Happy belated birthday.

  8. Barlowe Cross says:

    If it was the actual barrel, do you think we’d have a picture? Or wouldn’t there be a label on the picture? I think you’re hiding something Jimbob. I think you know something.

  9. Barlowe Cross says:

    Those that fear the truth fear themselves. I use my name because I have nothing to fear. Obviously you don’t. You’re a coward. Jimbob you are a fraud. Did the Brotherhood send you here? I think you’re hiding something buddy boy. WHO SENT YA?

  10. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    I could private message you on Facebook right now and you’d look pretty stupid. Just a regular 21 year old dude.

  11. Barlowe Cross says:

    Um..sure you can private message me. That’s what I’ve set it up for dude. What’s your point? Why don’t you private message me then. Go find me. WHO SENT YA?

  12. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    I also just found this website today, it’s pretty cool. This is just one of those stories I don’t buy. I’ve lived in the MV my whole life, and I’ve heard lots of these old rumors when I was kid. I know most are fake, because I know how the stories go around this place. It’s not hard to go down to your local library and view this stuff.

  13. Barlowe Cross says:

    Join me on Facebook…

    I just want to share these stories. I can’t verify if they are true or false I just display them. There is a bit of truth and lies in everything. The brotherhood is real. Look for them.

  14. Barlowe Cross says:

    I am curious to hear what you’ve encountered there too?

  15. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    Welp, as a Mohican, this story relates to me aswell.

    We’ve all partied there, and most have definitely seen some strange shit there. Infact, I cant’ even count how many times I’ve seen some shit there. I have story of a UFO flying at least 50-60ft directly above me and my buddies at the Pitts, but I never got a chance to photograph it.

    Closest UFO I’ve ever seen to me, and I haven’t seen that many. Ever since we’ve been going back once in a long while to see if we can experience it again, but lo and behold, nothing has come back to greet us sadly.

  16. Barlowe Cross says:

    See! There ya go! Please, submit that story…

    You don’t need photos etc. It’s the stories that matter. The word of mouth storytelling has been around forever. It’s the way our history came about from the time of myths and legends form the Greeks and Egyptians to the Iroquois. Stories outlive man.

    • Jimbob the truth seeker says:

      I’ll write up a rough draft soon, I’ll have my friends come along and recollect on it too. You’ll know when you see my submission.

  17. Barlowe Cross says:

    Awesome…and thanks for the Birthday wishes.

  18. Jimbob the truth seeker says:

    Yup, no problem. I’m surprised you haven’t done anything on the old Fort Herkimer Church yet? In my families archives, there are many gruesome stories to be told about what happened there and the areas surrounding it.

  19. oh well says:

    not just that a lot of the cancer is from the power lines.

  20. Barlowe Cross says:

    See that’s why I need people like you and your family archives. Please, tell that story too!

  21. Drarry says:

    I have no idea whether this is true or not. I do know, however, that we had an influx of military trucks in the valley in July of last year due to the fact we had a flood.

  22. gprego says:

    Maybe the floods were the reason the military had to get the barrels out. No one can deny that there’s something up there causing health problems

  23. Random stranger says:

    The influx of Military trucks also has to do with the D.H.S. installation at Remington Arms. as a former employee, I can tell you, that the general public hasn’t a Clue as to the actual size and scope of the installation there at the plant. As to add to that, I was informed that they are moving out of that building and going south..Not to say that the other containing story above doesnt have any merit, as I’m Sure it does. Just a little FYI.

  24. Wacko says:

    This is really true. I know a girl who was sick from it back when I was a kid. The state paid off her dad to clean it up. The Gorge is polluted!

  25. Jeff Smith says:

    This definitely happened! No doubt!

  26. Steven Jones says:

    Theres a ton of farms there too. Farms with cows and then a store that sells that milk. That ain’t right.

  27. David Brown says:

    Cancer is rampant. My dad, aunt, uncle and 7 year old cousin died from it. It’s in the water and buried in the land, seeping into the earth from a rotting vat of chemicals. Scumbags.

  28. bucky says:

    i too would like to know the location of the FFort gorge site, idlike to do a drawing… art is subversive
    I’ve been doin a series of drawings of toxic waste sites in Herky Co.: ffort-DPW/mucky run, library bureau, the cap’d landfill west of ffort, the plece by the river wher the local guy dumped construction debris.
    the basterds will never dare inform the public
    A couple years back there was a legit group in contact with the NYS DPW.

  29. Patricia Smith says:

    How terrible this is.

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