NAME: H.G. (initials only, Male, did not want identity revealed)


I’m originally from Mohawk NY, and I predicted the explosion in a dream the morning NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986

I was in eleventh grade at Mohawk Central school at the time and I had had enough of Mr. Masterangelo, Mr. Markey and all of the other teachers going on and on about the Challenger mission. It was a big deal to our town because of Gregory B. Jarvis, an astronaut on the shuttle. He was from Mohawk, our small little armpit of a town in the middle of the New York wilderness. He escaped to get educated and get away from all of the small town ignorance and right wing Republican conservatism that surrounded us.  It seemed like the whole school year of 85-86, we were surrounded by Gregory B. Jarvis and everyone I knew of was so tired of hearing about it but anticipating the launch. It was a big deal to our school and our town to have one of our own chosen to be an astronaut that would touch the stars.

The night of January 27th that morphed into January 28th was one of those nights that you keep waking up every hour on the hour looking at the clock. I was restless but had no idea why.  I kept feeling like every time I had woken up that I was missing something or that I had just had a nightmare that I couldn’t remember. In between 5am and 6am is when the dream happened.

As I tossed and turned I kept dreaming of the astronauts faces changing into one another in a painful way like they were melting into each other.  In my dream over and over I kept seeing the generic group picture that the media was showing of the astronauts posing. From that picture they would dissolve into skeletons with a strange blueish glow around them almost like burning ice.

Then I saw it, I  heard it and it was powerful.  The explosion as it tore them to pieces from the inside out. I remember their terror of being blown apart as I woke up engulfed in my emotion and their fear. It was a terrible dream and a terrible premonition that would come true, to my sheer and utter dread.

That morning I couldn’t get those visions out of my head and I was all out of sorts and disturbed because I knew it was going to happen. When we all gathered in the auditorium during my 5th period study hall to watch the launch, it was a painful experience. As our entire school watched, we saw our hometown hero explode over the sky and his ashes flutter away in an explosion of yellow and orange smoke. Just as I dreamed, the event took place. It was a devastating blow to our town and to the Mohawk Valley. It was a tragedy that immediately prompted the town of Mohawk to change the name of the high school to Gregory B. Jarvis school, which is where I eventually graduated from in 1987.

I didn’t tell anyone about this dream for fear of ridicule. The small town reaction to those who do not follow the norm is not kind, so I shut my mouth and I left as soon as I could after I graduated.  I look upon the town with great pity these days as I feel it has a dark cloud hanging over its head. My parents moved to Florida shortly after I graduated so I haven’t been back there since 1988 but I do still have some friends there. I am terrible at staying in touch and I think a lot of it has to do with that dream which really sent me on a journey of discovery and opened me up to a world of precognitive exploration which I am still on today. I see the future in my dreams often. Some good, some bad.

R.I.P. Gregory B. Jarvis.










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  1. JHA says:

    This is some straight up craziness. What other kinds of things do you dream about? I want to know. Fascinating.

  2. The Deer Hunter says:

    Is this George Hoskey?

  3. Larry Sandberg says:

    I also had a very vivid dream that the Challenger blew up exactly as it happened three weeks before it happened. PLEASE contact me at lsandberg@cfl.rr.com

    • Kris says:

      Larry, I also had a dream that the shuttle exploded and that all the astronauts died. It was several days before the launch and I told my husband when I woke up in the morning. For the next few days I kept thinking that I wanted to call someone to stop the disaster but I knew I wouldn’t be taken seriously. When the explosion happened, my husband told his work buddies that his wife had dreamed about the explosion, but they ignored his claims. That day, I was watching CNN which was in its infancy then, and someone called in to say they had dreamed about the shuttle explosion. They immediately dismissed him. Several years later I was at work and a female co-worker mentioned that she had a premonition dream before the shuttle exploded. Imagine how surprised I was. I told her I did too. I think a lot of people who were susceptible must have had those dreams. I have had other premonitions… mostly related to my family. That shuttle explosion is still the most “global” premonition I’ve ever had. Thank you for telling your story too. I like knowing that I’m not alone…a lot of us are tuned in. Best regards, Kris

  4. David Brown says:

    I remember this like it was yesterday too. I was in 11th grade. We watched it with Nolan. Everyone was shocked.

  5. I graduated in 1987 also, from Phoenix, AZ, and about a week or 2 prior, I too had a dream about the shuttle blowing up… It was very strange, the shuttle blew up just after clearing the pad, but I remember how vivid the dream was because I was also inside the orbiter, and everyone was weightless, it was strange and it made no sense. Slow motion weightless, and trying to do stuff relating to the explosion. It made no sense because the shuttle was just off the tower, and that wasn’t in space. It was vivid, a little frightening, a little disturbing and yet somehow tranquil.

    Needless to say, I hadn’t told anyone of the dream until that day. A friend told me the shuttle blew up, I told him that wasn’t a funny joke, and then by the time 2 other people told me, I told them I had a dream a week prior. They didn’t believe me and thought I was full of it. I spent the next hour in the media center watching the networks ply the launch over and over. Later we watched Reagan’s address in class live.

    True story.

  6. Rebecca Musser says:

    I also dreamed the challenger blew up three days before it happened. I told several people. I would say it broke apart and shot out to the right. It was exactly like the photo in the paper.

  7. Matthew says:

    This isn’t true. The investigation said the astronauts were alive in their compartment. They most likely remained conscious until it impacted the ocean. Please stop lying to get kicks or whatever you’re doing.

  8. Shane DeWayne Morgan says:

    Oh my God this really freaks me out I got chills all over me it was called January 28th 1996 I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety but I was listening to radio station it was still dark outside at 5 a.m. I’ve listened to 901 FM Kera PBS station everything was okay until I heard the song David Bowie you know the one that goes to ground control to Major Tom then I knew Challenger was going to blow up I knew it there was no doubt in my freaking mind I ran up to my aunt’s house that morning she’s my neighbor ask her if I could use her phone and she asked me why I said because I know challenges going to blow up something’s going to go wrong she told me not to do it because if something did go wrong they would blame me for it so she talked me out of it if I could only go back in time I would have done it I could have said those people the teacher I’m sorry I can’t speak no more of it it hurts too bad I feel really guilty on this I could have stopped this launch but now I’m getting feelings about Ring of Fire real bad volcanoes earthquakes San Diego gone Baja California gone this will happen between now and August that’s how I feel so I’m going to warn all my friends that is near the Ring of Fire at least this time I won’t feel guilty if something happens I love you all God bless all of us.

  9. AGorrell says:

    I was 9 years old and we were off school that day due to snow. I was at my grandmothers watching tv, laying in the floor with my feet on the wood burning stove, and it came across the news. But I had dreamed about it the night before, just that it had broke apart after takeoff. No other details than that.

  10. Ron K says:

    My experience was very different. It came as
    a dream but was more like a vision. In the
    dream, I was on the shuttle, but all alone.
    I looked out of a small porthole and saw the
    coastline, believing I was near 50,000 ft.
    Suddenly, an electrical junction panel caught
    fire and I opened an escape hatch. I was soon ejected into the freezing atmosphere, feeling both heat and cold simultaneously.
    My face shield broke away and I knew that in
    seconds my life would be gone. I saw my body float away in the orange flight suit,
    which was certainly not the NASA ensemble.
    I realized that my life had ended as I’d
    known it. I was then surrounded by a force that I can not describe. I felt like an infant, held in the arms of a parent. I was suddenly aware of a brilliant ring of light that was larger than life, 360 deg. around me but distant in space. I knew that my old life was over and a new existence was ahead for me. In effect, I felt the presence of an energy that spanned the universe. When I awoke, I was unable to move for a short time, as if I were paralyzed. Yet, this experience occurred about 34 hours before the actual disaster. The ‘vision -dream’ changed my life and gave me the confidence to accomplish goals that before seemed impossible. Some would discount this as coincidence, but I will never accept it as such. This will always remain as a pivotal
    point in my life. I don’t go around reliving very often and have only revealed
    it to a very few. Up until now that is.

  11. CMW says:

    I dreamed about it to several weeks before it happened. I was a junior in high school and was so moved by the vivid dream I had that I spent the next day frantically trying to convince my mom to call NASA. She didn’t and I can’t say I blame her. I told my best friend who was really freaked out when it came true. Looking back, I believe it was one of a series of prophetic type dreams. Sounds crazy!!! I’m glad I had told my mom and that girl about it, otherwise I might have thought I was crazy.

  12. John Gittins says:

    I was 38 at the time. I dreamt I was in a plain white room and in the centre was a square box-shaped table, with a woman lying on it asleep and wearing a metallic type uniform and cap. The walls then become smoky and bright red-orange, and the woman woke very agitated. Through the smoke two men in the same uniform appeared, helped the woman off the table, saying, “it’s going to be okay, just follow us”, and they led her through the smoke and disappeared.
    The dream was so vivid, I woke up trying to interprete a meaning to it. Although I was always interested in space research I wasn’t really aware of the space programme at the time. The next day I walked into a news bulletin showing the challenger crew being interviewed. My first reaction was, they’re wearing the same uniforms. The next piece of news clip showed the tragic few minutes of the launch.

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