Griffiss selected as national drone test site in Rome NY

In July, I reported a submission from a man who had withheld his name due to the circumstances, reported that drones were being produced by the military at the former Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, NY in the early 2000s.

This submission to the website was in May and published in July.

Today,  12/30/13,  the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration has announced the six unmanned aircraft systems testing sites that will be located throughout the country.

Strangely…Among them was New York State, specifically, Griffiss International Airport in Rome.

So the person who submitted the info seems to be onto something.

Does this indeed confirm that done production has been going on in the shadows since the days of George W. Bush’s presidency in the early 2000s?

Does this mean that the much needed jobs that will be coming to the valley will be in creating drones now? Will they be weapons or “Amazon drones” delivering everything to your door or will they be the espionage tool of a government who watches its people’s every move, like George Orwell’s, Big Brother in the book 1984?

This is what the FAA’s press release says Griffiss will be doing: New York’s Griffiss International Airport.  Griffiss International plans to work on developing test and evaluation as well as verification and validation processes under FAA safety oversight. The applicant also plans to focus its research on sense and avoid capabilities for UAS and its sites will aid in researching the complexities of integrating UAS into the congested, northeast airspace.”


Please let me know if you have any additional information on this subject, as the world needs to know. Your name will be kept confidential if you seek it to be.


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 – Reported by Barlowe Cross 12/30/13

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    This place is evil!

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    I Demand A Better Future

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