Does Remington Arms Pollute the Mohawk River?





I’m a lifelong resident of Ilion, my dad worked at the Arms and so did I. I retired in 99. I know for a FACT that there is a drainage pipe that goes underground, that leads directly into the Mohawk River. This drainage system was built in the 40’s and is well known by the town and by the Remington Arms company. It’s a disgusting system that has literally killed the river and makes any fish in it, a polluted creature filled with toxins. After watching this embarrassing mess with Cuomo, I refuse to stand pat and let this go on. I would hope that the Ilion police department and the state of New York would do something about it but I believe they DO KNOW about it! Like everything else in New York under the reign of King Andrew Cuomo, things are corrupt and sad. This crap being dumped into our river is the byproduct of varnish and other paints that are used on the guns. Ironically my dad died of pancreatic cancer in 1991. I have no doubt it was from those very same chemicals being dumped into the Mohawk River. When you make guns for the military you can get away with anything. I’ve played the game long enough and I refuse to shut up any longer.

Remington can go to hell!

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8 responses to “Does Remington Arms Pollute the Mohawk River?”

  1. Wacko says:

    I belive this 100%

  2. Jeff Smith says:


  3. David Benjamin says:

    This place is also haunted

  4. MarkJohnson says:

    The Mohawk River is nasty. Always has been since I was a kid.

  5. David Brown says:

    This place put me and my brothers through college and it supported our family. However my dad died of cancer which I believe is directly tied to the work he did at Remington. Now that I have my own kids and live far away from there I look back on this place as a vacum of evil. The Arms was nothing more than a glorified sweat shop that offered a place of employment in exchange for your life. Now I see it’s moving, after it polluted the land and ate it’s workers. The valley has been sucked dry of life, now it’s time to move on to fresh meat. What a bunch of bastards. I hope the owners burn in hell.

  6. David Brown says:

    I just feel bad for those victimized. And yes Cuomo is a huge asshole but he’s just a scapegoat. THEY that own the Arms are the real pieces of shit.

  7. Eric Jones says:

    Yes the arms destroyed the river in the 40s.farners used to dump animal carcasses in there all the time too. Diseases are rampant in that place

  8. Kyle Martin says:

    a gun factory destroying America? No…better watch it or the NRA will sue you! What a great time to be human.

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