Mohawk Valley Chemtrail Report February 18, 2014

The goal of the RODENT REPORT is to document the chemtrail activity in the Mohawk Valley. November has continued to be loaded with these strange trails that populate the skies.

These are images of the dissipation of morning trails as they consumed the sky in the afternoon.

See below, various chemtrail images in the Utica, NY on 02/18/14


chemtrail mohawk valley-

chemtrail mohawk valley-1

chemtrail mohawk valley-2

chemtrail mohawk valley-3

chemtrail mohawk valley-4

chemtrail mohawk valley-5

7 responses to “Mohawk Valley Chemtrail Report February 18, 2014”

  1. 337 says:

    Feb 20, woke up to clear blue skies. 8 am a huge X drifting west to east over the house, and three drippy
    lines on the southern horizon. By 11 am trails had spread out so that the sky was totally

  2. 337 says:

    Have been taking pictures of chemtrails since 1999 at least – before I had a digital camera and couldn’t afford cost of film development because trails were so numerous! First one I noticed was at night in August 1998 – a vertical drop moving slowly across the moon and thought it was the Northern Lights (haha on me). Now more than 15 years later didn’t take pictures, just sighed.

  3. 337 says:

    Tonight (2-22-14) at 10 pm on WIBX a replay of Art Bell Show from 2002 with one of the first chemtrail researchers Will Thomas.

  4. Jeff Smith says:

    these suck. WTF are they?

  5. Alan Green says:

    WOW these are intense.

  6. Patricia Smith says:

    These just look like clouds. Is this Rodent guy on drugs?

  7. bill says:

    These aint real. It’s freakin’ exhaust. Sorry bud but you’re believing in a lie here.

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