The Herkimer County Shooting Spree of Kurt Myers 1 Year Later


This day will live in infamy  for the rest of time as the day,  a cold blooded maniac destroyed the sanctity of a small town with a winter rampage that left FOUR (4) people dead and  TWO 2 others wounded. Kurt Myers, 64, of Mohawk, N.Y. decided that he would take his shotgun and just start killing people.

Myers set fire to his home in Mohawk, N.Y. then took a shotgun and drove to John’s Barber Shop in Mohawk where he killed Harry Montgomery, 68, of Mohawk, and Michael Rancier, 57, of Herkimer. He also wounded shop owner John Seymour and customer Dan Haslauer.

Myers drove to Gaffey’s car wash in neighboring Herkimer where he gunned down Thomas Stefka, an employee at the car wash, and Michael Renshaw, before fleeing to an abandoned building that he was eventually killed in.

For those who remember this day, that experienced this event firsthand, I cannot image the pain you must feel.

To the families that lost loved ones that day, I salute you and your courage to overcome this tragic loss.

A year later. The healing process still continues.

A year later, still we have no motive? Yes, I can’t believe it either but it’s true.

But we can speculate.

Cabin fever? Or mental illness? What could drive a man to do what he did? Could it be something even more sinister than we could ever have imagined?

Since this happened, I’ve heard all sorts of stories about what people think his motive was. Some people suggest he may have killed before. Some people suggest he was into darker things such as child pornography.

BUT the craziest one I have heard is from one of his neighbors, in confidence to my friend.  Some believe that Meyers was into witchcraft or some sort of dark worship. Could it be that Meyers had a penchant for satanic rituals or belonging to a cult, such as the Brotherhood of the Snake?

Did Myers indeed belong to some sort of sacred cult?

Will we ever know? Do we need to know? If I was still a resident from the area, I would demand more information some days and others I would just want it all to go away.

It took me a year to write about this. I did not know the gentlemen that were injured and murdered. I did get a haircut from John once when I was in the area to visit my parents and he seemed like a great guy. He sang Led Zeppelin to me when he saw my shirt. He was a nice guy that didn’t deserve that.  I couldn’t muster up a word or an ounce of energy towards this man. I was glad he was dead and it pained me to think about what he did to the village I frequented as a child and we bought our groceries in.

He is a vile human being who stole the lives of 4 people and scarred the lives of 2 others FOREVER.

Kurt Meyers, you are a serpent of the winter and may your soul never find eternal rest in exchange for the lives that you took.

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9 responses to “The Herkimer County Shooting Spree of Kurt Myers 1 Year Later”

  1. Jimbob says:

    I remember reading somewhere that Kurt was literally had $0 in the bank, and was miles under a pile of bills. Could very well be a motive if any. Could have just snapped, but no one will ever know sadly why he really did it.

  2. David Brown says:

    He’s a sick fuck. May he rot in hell!!!!

  3. mark johnson says:

    It’s unreal that the Mohawk PD have not found out his motive yet. The need to send in special detective Michael Dierbergh, maybe he won’t get “stumped” because he’s a burly hillbilly!

  4. mark johnson says:

    All jokes on DIRTbergh aside, this Myers guy is a tragedy. What he did was a tragedy too. What a cowardly pussywimp. I wish he was still alive so everyone could go take a shit on him.

  5. David johnson says:

    Piece a shit

  6. James Jones says:

    This is a terrible story! VERY SAD. What a jerk of a man!

  7. James Jones says:

    What is a Dierhburgh? @mark Johnson

  8. Celina says:

    That’s a wise answer to a tricky qustieon

  9. bill says:

    I knew this nut job. Total weirdo. Never said shit. I hope he rots in hell.

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