On May 24th, 2014, I attended an event called Unthinkable Complexity, which was being held at a storytelling conference called Wyrd Con at the Westin LAX airport.  This event was promoted as an experiential cyberpunk themed dance party that utilized virtual reality technology and alternate reality elements. My friend was helping to put it on with a group called Transmedia LA and it looked pretty unique, so I decided to go.

Though not known publicly, Transmedia LA received several thousand dollars to fund the event from an occult organization known to have ancestral ties to the Mohawk Valley of New York state.  It was obvious these “Transmedia” folks were really TRANSHUMANISTS! Using that stupid buzzword Transmedia as a cover up, these people belonged to an organization, known as the ConGenement. You can see their website for more info. I will have more to discuss about them very soon–(once my lawsuit is cleared up.)  http://www.congenement.org

A few weeks before Unthinkable Complexity, I was tipped off as to WHO was actually sponsoring the event for Transmedia LA when I heard my friend get all excited about his fundraising efforts. After learning the name of the company that was funding Unthinkable Complexity, I researched them through various channels, and easily found several of their founders to be suspected members of the secret elite that run our country with ties to several known cults populating the Mohawk Valley–ALL in search of Vril. Some very rich and powerful entertainment folks, politicians, scientists, educators, legal and military officials are all tied to this organization that envisions a future for humanity controlled by an elitist mechanization of the human genome.

Knowing this going in, I was still shocked at what a farce the event was from the very moment I entered the convention. When in the main hallway entrance I was greeted by a pile, of unsightly, sweaty nerds in kilts cradling foam swords as they loudly congregated in a mass of flesh on giant beanbags.  It was like a surreal version of Jabba’s palace and I could feel the negative controlling energy as I walked by them and they stared me down. When I entered the event itself, I was immediately approached by three men at the front desk asking cold questions about how we I felt on strange topics. These questions pertained to the future and were directed at participants to form a hierarchy of elitism at the party dictated by your willingness to accept genetic engineering. If you passed their test of questions you could move on to a VIP area where you got free alcohol and were greeted by the organization’s leaders who were there to recruit for their cause. Questions were asked to people all night long allowing them to “Level Up” into higher elitist positions, rewarded with booze and more.

Many were schmoozed that night in the VIP area. There were a lot of folks from the advertising, entertainment and technology industries that were there participating in a celebration of technology’s growing iron first on people. They came to seek new recruits to join them in bringing about the change Obama promised and the New World Order George Bush spoke of. GENETIC CHANGE!

Though I believe there were more, questions, here were just a few of the questions I was able to hear them ask people all night long.

Do you ever eat genetically modified foods?

Do you think it’s okay for a government to conduct nationwide surveillance to keep its citizens safe?

Would you buy wearable augmented reality devices? (Such as Google Glass)

Do you think it’s possible to predict criminal behavior based on computer models?

Are you comfortable with scientists hacking DNA to create new species?

Are you okay with unsanctioned human testing if it can lead to a cure for diseases?

Would you ever upload your consciousness to a new body?

Should potential parents undergo DNA testing to ensure healthy offspring?

What would you give if you never had to die?

When you answered these questions correctly you were able to advance to other levels to be a VIP. Once you were a VIP they sent you upstairs for a meeting with one of the party’s sponsors, Outerbody Labs, who would allow them to look upon themselves from outside of their bodies. This is what their technology does, I am not kidding.

Strangely enough, due to the theme of the event, people seemed to eat these questions up and played along.  Originally sold to participants as a celebration of cyberpunk culture, this event was nothing more than a propaganda party for genetic engineering. Once I realized this, I decided I needed to not just be an attendee but an activist to wake these innocent people up.

IMG_1667The table was decorated with fetuses. Yes, glowing fetuses, in red liquid.


IMG_1729A collection of recruiters and propaganda specialists, like the one in the 70’s looking, Elton John glasses and the bald guy and girl he is talking to, walked around asking questions to everyone and instigating a societal hierarchy at the party itself to occur.


IMG_1727-editThey used video games and virtual reality technology to manipulate the people and their moods.



After doing my research and getting some great help from my media sources, I came to the event PREPARED to speak out against the ConGenement and the various cults that comprise their members.  A week before Unthinkable Complexity, I printed a bunch of stickers with the Brotherhood of the Snake emblem on them and the URL to http://www.thebrotherhoodofthesnake.com. I did this to show people WHO exactly was behind this facade of an event and what they were peddling–a GENETIC NEW WORLD ORDER.

I spoke with several hundred people and some I had great conversations with. These people seemed concerned and even looked at the website right then and there. Others were turned off by me and were just not interested, which is sometimes the case when you are dealing with people who refuse to see the truth when it is in plain sight, right in front of their faces. I then brought on the ire of the event producers who started to shadow me around 11pm. Shortly thereafter is when my real terror began.


At midnight the “supporting organization who shall remain nameless” took the stage to welcome everyone to their event. They  did not hide their intentions and were about ready to flaunt a genetically modified woman. Again, the crowd ate it up, from the “Barbie doll” figurehead, whom they introduced as, “48”.

As people became more enthralled with her magical stare, I grabbed the microphone from her and tried to warn everyone WHO was REALLY funding their “good time.”

As I talked to the crowd I was attacked by one of the big, burly henchman from “the supporting organization who shall remain nameless.”  I was pepper sprayed, choked and dragged out into the back where I was kicked in the stomach and thrown into a dumpster. I could not get back into the event and had to jump a fence in order to get out. All this was happening while I was blinded by pepper spray. I fractured my left rib and cut my leg, while jumping out of the dumpster and received seven stitches, later that night. For three days I could barely open my eyes. I missed the entire week of work and I lost out on a lucrative contract gig, working in Germany on Paul Allen’s monstrous yacht, “the octopus” .

The monetary and physical damage brought on by the abuse I received at Unthinkable Complexity has not even compared to the psychological damage this has caused me.

I am pissed off and determined to fight. Justice and vengeance are what I seek.


Luckily I was prepared. Little did they know that I had hired two people to take pictures and video for me at the event, just in case something like this happened.With occult ceremonies there is often some sort of violence that occurs. I had a  bad feeling it might be me and I was right.

Below you can see the video of what happened to me and some images from that night.







IMG_1680The gentleman to the far right hand corner, is the one that attacked me. In the middle is “48”.

I have attained hard hitting attorney Matthew Slater of Gradstein & Marzano to defend me in my lawsuit. I lost thousands of dollars in work, I broke a rib, cut my leg, endured a ruthless week of eye trauma and the mental, physical and emotional damage has smothered me since that night of the event. Slater has been involved in some big cases in LA and currently is pursuing cases against Beats by Dre and the Michael Jackson Estate on behalf of Quincy Jones. He is not afraid to go after the”big boys!”

Due to the legal matter at hand, as mentioned above I have to be careful what I say publicly until the proper action is taken in a court of law but my evidence is free for the public to see.

I seek justice.

You saw with your own eyes what happened to me in this video. If you were at the event and saw the horrible act of cruelty they performed on me, please come forward. If you voluntarily provide us with any photos, video or written statement, that would be greatly appreciated.

Some witnesses from the event will indeed be summoned, however if you could please provide the kind gesture of filling out a supporting deposition, you may not need to come to court.

If you have any additional information please email me at: barlowe63@gmail.com

Please help me fight against elitism and the Vril obsessed cults. They want to enslave us by mechanizing human reproduction.

To those of you who I met at the party and have since reached out to support me, I thank you.

Thank you,
Barlowe Cross
July 28th, 2014



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    You kind of had it coming.

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