The Process Church and the Mohawk Valley



NAME:  (I will email you my real name, I do not feel comfortable revealing my name here for reasons stated below)

WHAT TOWN IN THE MOHAWK VALLEY ARE YOU FROM: I am from Dolgeville originally but at the time lived in Little Falls

I used to be involved in lots of strange things at the end of the 70’s. Through books I explored black magic, witchcraft and all sorts of stuff. It made me feel good because I had grown up in the house of very traditional Catholic family that went to church every Sunday etc. They were the typical valley family and my mom taught at Little Falls high school and my Dad worked at Boces. It was a time of experimentation and I was 18 and trying to get out of the Valley. I just graduated from high school in Herkimer and was enjoying my last summer in NY, watching lots of movies, reading books and doing things teenage girls did back then, like drinking beer, smoking pot and chasing after boys. It was a fun time, until we ran into a group of people at the movie theater in Little Falls. We just saw the Omen II and we were about ready to go out when we ironically ran into some guys who said they were into the occult and they asked us if we wanted to go smoke some grass. There were four girls and myself and two of them and they were both skinny, punk rock looking dudes so we felt we could take them if they tried anything. They were cute and all so we decided to go get high with them. We parked down on the Locks near Moss Island and got high.

As we started to talk with these guys, they said they were from Staten Island and that they were up here for the weekend, for a sacrifice. They were staying at the Best Western above the theater. At first we thought they were pulling our leg but they were dead serious. They claimed that they were going to celebrate the “blood moon” with a virgin sacrifice that weekend. They invited us to go. They said they were with a new movement. A movement that embodied all religions, God, Satan and more. The called it the Process Church of the Final Judgement and they were in town to partake in a ritual that would take place in two days, (Saturday) night on Moss Island, at exactly 3AM. They said that we could come and be a part of it. At that point, my friend Jessica, who was a little weak in the knees, she panicked and wanted to leave. They skeeved her out so she was ready to book it on foot if we didn’t go. When we tried to leave they got pissed at us and called us a bunch of babies. It got kind of heated and they seemed to regret that they told us what they were doing and made us promise we wouldn’t call the cops on them. Luckily we got away but it stayed with me until this very day. It still gives me chills to think about it.

That Saturday,. I never did find out if they did their ritual or not, nor did I care. At that point I was just ready to get the hell out of the valley forever. There’s something evil about Moss Island and the Valley itself. There is an evil energy there and that is why I feel as a kid, I not only wanted to get out of there but I spent so much time wanting to learn about what it was by reading books on the occult. Looking back on it, I am lucky that I wasn’t killed that night and in general, I am lucky I got out of town.

I’ve done some research on the Process Church and found lots of bizarre things about them, both true it seems and untrue. Everything from ritual sacrifices to connections to Charles Manson, Son of Sam and the Rolling Stones.

After finding your website Barlowe I was curious to


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Does the Process Church have something to do with this? Occult sacrifices in Little Falls, NY in the 1970’s?


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