Adirondack Missile Silo and MK Ultra Experiments


NAME:  Denise Green



My uncle worked for the CIA back in the mid 70’s when I was a little kid. We moved to East Utica in 76′ and it was cold and snowy. In the summer I went and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Lake Placid for a couple of weeks. My uncle worked late night security, 3 nights a week on the site of a 9-story Cold War-era Atlas F underground missile launch site.

One night my uncle came home all distraught. He was upset and throwing up. His vomiting was loud and violent and I heard him talking to my Aunt as he tried to calm himself one early morning at 5AM or so. He told my aunt the lab at his work, that they were doing an experiment with a little kid and she escaped. My uncle found her down in the lower levels of the silo. She was scared and begged him not to call the others. When he told her he had to do his job, she did something to his brain by looking at him, and he blacked out.  He was scared and said that it felt like he got hit by a hammer. When he woke up he felt awful and dizzy. He said she was about 11 years old or so and looked Asian but her eyes were very big and her pupils were really black. He said she looked and moved in a robotic way. He told my Aunt for the first time that he was keeping watch on CIA experiments and they were bankrolled by foreign money, looking to develop technology to harness psychic abilities, remote viewing etc. The image of the girl he described has haunted my mind since that night he described it in terror. My uncle was not a small man either, he was over 2oo lbs and over 6 feet tall, so for an 11 year old girl to scare the crap out of him like this, must have been something very traumatic.

The next day, the CIA came to their house and questioned us all about my uncle and his behavior. They made us sign documents saying we’d never talk about the incident. They took him away in an ambulance to get tests. The day after, they brought him home and he refused to talk about it from that day forward.

After all these years I do believe it was either MK Ultra or Project Stargate that was behind this and using this Missile Silo in the Adirondack mountains as its base of operations in New York, under the cover of the dense forest.

My uncle died of a heart attack in 1981 at age 51. I think he worked for this project and it messed him up. Also wonder if this is tied to this ConGenement in any way you have mentioned, Barlowe?

Thank you for making this website. Maybe people like me can finally get some answers.


Detailed images of Missie Silo in the Adirondacks:

Missile Silo Home information:

Project Stargate and MK ULTRA Video:
ABC NEWS Program by Ted Koppel from 1995 CIA cancels the Stargate program. Ted Koppel’s Nightline first reveals the existence of government remote viewing effort. Interviews with former CIA director Robert Gates, Dale Graff, Edwin May, Joe McMoneagle, etc.




Remote Viewing:

Project Stargate:

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  1. fake name says:

    Owner of this sight I have questions and also two or three stories you might be interested in,but the questions I refer to I would rather like to keep private. These things have haunted me for along time. Something is certainly up with this county and I always thought I was alone with this thought. Until I found this website. Anyways. A contact email address, or phone number to text or call or any way to speak to you one on one would be greatly appreciated and help full. I will leave one question. Are these story’s made for fun? Or are they certainly true. ( at least ment to be true.)

  2. Zack says:

    Bullshit. I live in the mohawk valley area and they would have shown it in the maps. whoever told you this story is a fucking looney. go back to polishing your tinfoil hat, retard.

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