Herkimer Man’s Body Found in Canal

Herkimer Mans Body Found in Canal


NAME:  Scott C.



Hey Barlow, I seen this article this morning and it freaked me out. Mainly because I know a lot of Hokes in the valley but they found one dead floating in the barge canal. I live in Little Falls and have for 40+ years and this is gettin scary. Basically they found a body floating in the river. Nobody knows or why he got there. I was wondering if you heard about it and had any info, as the cops are looking for info about it. You can call the number at 866-7275 and give the info if you have it. Do you think that this has something to do with the cults? I been hearing about them since the 70s. I never seen any cults but I know there here. Check that article out and let me know what you think? Is it the cults like Process Church or Congenement or Brotherhood of the serpent? I know Moss Island has been the home to many deviant cult bastards over the years and I want to know if I need to get my gun and protect myself from these sickos, murdering and raping in the woods???? I didn’t know Ernest Hoke but I want him to see a peaceful rest with God and the bastards who done it rotting in prison.

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate you doing all this.

a fan for life, Scott C.


Here’s a link to the article I seen. http://www.littlefallstimes.com/article/20150630/NEWS/150639892


Articles on I Never Sausage A Place that Scott is referring to:

1) Process Church: http://ineversausageaplace.com/2014/12/the-process-church-and-the-mohawk-valley/

2) Human Sacrifice: http://ineversausageaplace.com/2014/03/brotherhood-of-the-snake-human-sacrifice-in-little-falls-in-the-1970s/

3) Occult Symbols on Moss Island in Little Falls: http://ineversausageaplace.com/2013/03/landmark-markings-the-brotherhood-of-the-snake/



Hey Scott, thanks for the inquiry. I was not actually aware of this news. Thanks for sending it along.

However, I cannot speculate as to whether or not any cults were involved or of it was murder.  I know it’s easy to think that something menacing has happened as you know this conspiracy is on my mind. There are a number of possibilities as to what happened from suicide to accident. Until an autopsy is done and more investigative work is done, saying anything to the contrary would be disrespectful to the Hoke family. I’m going to keep my eye on it for sure and it is definitely news worthy for this website. We know there have been reported cases of animal and human sacrifice in these parts of NY before, on Moss Island. We know that several members of the Process Church camped their at times too. It does seem to have a history of evil, so I am eager to learn more too.  Thanks for sharing.

Also, anyone with info, please lend a hand to the Hoke family:

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Hoke’s death and ask that anyone with information, or who may have seen Hoke within the past few days contact state police in Herkimer at 866-7275.

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