Contact in the Desert 2015 – Secrets I Uncovered

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In May of 2015 I attended the heralded UFO convention, called Contact in the Desert.  Contact in the Desert, 2015 was held in the beautiful confines of Joshua Tree. This place was amazingly spacious and perfect for a gathering for those who believe there is life beyond our planet and are interested in knowing more about the UFO phenomenon. I brought my production team with me and we did some work there but we were also participants interested in gaining knowledge and meeting people, moreso than worrying about producing content.

We spent a lot of time talking and listening to some of the brightest minds in the UFO community. What we realized is that there are a lot of pople that are really smart, use facts to back up their claims and then there are a lot of really slimy snake oil salesman who use fear and hearsay to get people to buy their books and their bullshit–like David Wilcock (who I will discuss, more below).

i never sausage a place contact in the desert 2015

My Favorites:
The people that impressed me the most were Nick Redfern (Image of us below) , Jim Marrs, Mike Bara, Eric von Daniken and Linda Moulten Howe.

We also got to talk to the alien abduction icon, Travis Walton. We bought his DVD and he was kind enough to sign a copy for us.

These people are smart and real and are all about facts. I especially love Linda, she’s a pro and a real journalist.

nick redfern


The Search for Vril:
Vril is an interesting topic among the UFO crowd. Many tie it back to Hitler, others no little about it, BUT there are some people out there that I believe want to poses it badly want it. I was able to educate a lot of people about it and also heard some interesting things I had not known before. Apparently, among the hippie community right here in Southern California, there are a growing number of occultists who believe in Vril.  I was actually tipped off to a crew of them, that were at the Contact in the Desert convention.  These people seemed like typical hippies I had dealt with in college, rich kids who were rebelling against their families, while living off of their family’s money to do it.  I had talked with one guy and he was kind of a jerk and wasn’t very friendly with me because I didn’t have any molly or weed on me.

However by the last day of the event, I had become friends with several people and was able to get closer to the info I needed. There was indeed a small faction of Vril worshipers at the event. On Saturday night, they held a ceremony on the outskirts of the campus that the Contact in the Desert convention was being held on. We found their spot and sure enough there were markings very similar to the ones I have been tracking, The circle, the eye, the pyramid. Check out the image below.

Vril symbol contact in the desert 2015

Notice the comparison between the symbols used below, and currently being used by the ConGenement.



secret history of vril congenement

Stories of the Mohawk Valley and Upstate NY:
Jim Marrs was fun and when I asked him what he knew about Vril, he went on a good twenty minutes about it and was very knowledgeable.  He also knew a lot about upstate NY and UFO sightings there. I told him about the crop circles, the cults and the ConGenement. We discussed a little exploration excursion in the future and I feel like I made a friend for life now. Love me some Jim Marrs! I’m going to do my best to meet up with him in NY and take him on a tour of what I know, what I’ve seen and more.

David Wilcock is a Phony:
I approached David Wilcock as a fellow researcher from upstate NY but he was a bit stand offish and didn’t want to talk too much about Vril. When I asked him he seemed very uncomfortable talking about it. I then noticed there was a large faction of people that don’t like David Wilcock. He was absolutely rude to Linda Moulton Howe onstage during a panel, and that irritated the heck out of me. I do belie Wilcock is one of the folks searching for Vril, so says a whispering in the community.

David Wilcock, I like to call him DAVID VRILcock now.

Stories about Native Americans and UFO’s:
I had a moment to chat with Eric von Daniken and we discussed UFO sightings in upstate NY. He said there there are lots of treasures by the Native Americans like the Mohawks, Iroquois and Oneidas, still to be uncovered there. He mentioned the Herkimer diamond mines and the quartz crystals as well. It was amazing to share a conversation about these things with a legend like him.

travis walton fire in the sky

Barlowe Cross With Travis Walton:
What an inspirational guy. I had a great chat with him about what the government is doing about UFOs and some other private stuff about his abduction.  He is just filled with knowledge.


Videos I recorded at Contact in the Desert 2015:

Extraterrestrial Influence & the Seeding of Our Galaxies Panel- Contact in the desert 2015 – Which begins with a birthday song for Eric von Daniken. This was my favorite panel from the UFO convention in Joshua Tree. This starred many of the cast from Ancient Aliens including Giorgio Tsoukalos:

Panel info:

Moderated by George Noory of Coast to Coast AM

Eric von Daniken
Giorgio Tsoukalos
Jason Martell
Marshall Klarfeld
Lynne Kitei



Erich von Daniken Presentation Extraterrestrials in the Ancient East from Contact in the desert 2015

This is the Eric von Daniken presentation at Contact in the Desert at Joshua Tree in May of 2015. This is a the entire lecture where Eric von Daniken discusses the Anunnaki and other strange items found in the middle east.


Contact in the Desert 2015 – Population Control Presentation by Jim Marrs
Jim Marrs discusses how your government wants you dead!

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    Nice work man. Really proud of ya. Glad to see a valley kid out there doing some stuff. Good luck. I’ll be supporting ya from here. Not for nothing but if you need any help. Call me!

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