evil clown in herkimer ny

Creepy clown sightings have come to central New York. A clown was spotted in the Herkimer K-Mart parking lot the week of Sept 29th. Herkimer police are investigating the clown sightings after receiving several complaints. Their advice to folks seeing these clowns is to take a picture from a safe distance to help with the investigation.

The first report came to light at  10 p.m. Sept. 27. The caller said there was a clown  in the K-Mart parking lot on South Washington Street. Just a few hours later, at 2 a.m. Sept. 28, another report came in stating there was a clown walking around on East Smith Street, which is just a few short blocks from the K-Mart parking lot. On both occasions, Herkimer police officers responded to the scene, but did not see a clown or anyone at all that fit the description of a clown.

Police said the clown has not reportedly approached anyone nor done anything suspicious other than being a clown. At this time police officers are not actively searching for the person behind the costume but welcome any leads as to who this person might be.

If anyone sees a clown and or feels threatened by a clown police urge them to call the department at 866-4330, or call 911 for a quick response.



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