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My Dad worked for the city of Utica in the 50’s – 70’s. He was always workin and used to take lots of odd jobs from people he met along the way that helped us all go to college and live. When I was a kid in the mid 60’s, 66′ I think, he come home one time all shaken up. He had been gone for a couple of days on a job one weekend and he was really bothered by what he found. I was 11 or 12 at the time and had a good relationship with my dad so the next couple of days I tried talking to him about what happened. Finally after pressing him for a long time, he said he saw something he couldn’t tell me because this info would put us all in danger. He said he was worried that people were listening and he said he loved us too much to jeopardize our lives.

We never talked about it for years.

When I had kids later on and was up to my parents house to visit, when Dad was older and has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I asked him about it again. This had to be about 1997 or 1998 cause Dad passed away in 99.

We went out to pick up some food and we stopped to have a beer and he told me the story of what happened. Back in the 60’s he was hired to help a team commissioned by the state of New York, to explore an unknown cave series just east of Cooperstown near Cobleskill. Apparently this cave structure went down deep and was filled with strange formations that were rare to NY. My dad was basically hired as muscle as he was a big guy. When they explored these caves they went miles deep underground. He was with a bunch of scientists and some geologists. My dad said that they found some really crazy stuff that they thought was some sort of ancient burial pit that was covered in all of these prehistoric markings that the team couldn’t explain. He said they looked like something between Egyptian and American Indian markings and it sent a shiver down his spine they were so creepy.  But what he told me next actually made the hair stand up on my neck. So after they found this mound they instructed my Dad and some of the other guys to start collecting some of the trinkets. Apparently old necklaces, statues and other strange stuff made from quartz crystals that he said he couldn’t even describe. When they looked around they found something embedded in the wall. There was no doubt it was made of metal originally–a metal that had not rusted but must have been thousands of years old.

They found bones and other weird stuff too. However the thing that scared my dad the most was the skulls. They apparently found several skulls and remains that appeared to not be human but were humanoid. One of the scientists commented on the size of the eye sockets and the facial structure and the strange teeth. He called them reptile like. This scared the crap out of everyone there. My dad said the cave had an awful, awful smell and that smell haunted him for years later.

He said he carried one of the skulls back and he had to sign a whole bunch of forms as the scientists believed that they may have found the remains of some “reptoid” that predated man. When they got out of the caves the CIA interrogated him and his friend who got him the job and told them that if they told anyone of what they found that their lives and their family’s lives will be in danger. He was clearly shaken up when he told me and I belive his happened to him, 100%. Dad was a good, honest man and had no reason to lie about this. He always said to me that the world was filled with things we just aren’t smart enough to explain and to him, this was a prime example of that philosophy.

After many years I’m convinced that he was talking about the Sellecks Karst Preserve caverns.


  1. Kyle Martin says:

    Sellecks Karst caverns are really scary. Once as a kid, I went there on a field trip from a summer camp. It had this really bad smell that reminded me of death. It was so creepy. I could easily see this as being a reptile cave. It felt prehistoric. Didn’t see anything weird there but it gave me the willies!

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